October 17 to November 1, 2020
Bepanda, Douala- Cameroon


Presentation of FIAC

Perrial NyodogPerrial Jean NYODOG

1st Vice President ECAM, President of PMEXCHANGE

FIAC PMEXCHANGE, because Douala is well worth it

The city of Douala concentrates most of Cameroon’s economy. Main city of the CEMAC zone, Douala, economic capital of the Republic of Cameroon, carries the hopes, dreams, ambitions of thousands of economic operators.

It therefore seemed incomprehensible to us that the city does not have so far a major event that allows to valorize, amplify and reward the efforts of these men and women who create wealth and participate in building by their work and their engineering, the resilience of the Cameroonian economy.

It also seemed to us fundamental, to offer the city of Douala, an international showcase that promotes its openness to the world. We have assets to sell. An international event would make them known and above all, would make international trade players want to bet on the city of Douala for their development.

ECAM has worked to meet these challenges through the different editions of PMEXCHANGE. The first FIAC edition held in Douala in 2018 was also about the same objectives. For an even more poignant impact, we combine the 2 events today to make it one bigger and more buoyant: FIAC-PMEXCHANGE.

It is a synergy between two teams whose fusion of creative energies should endow the city of Douala with its reference event. We believe in it, because Douala is well worth it!