October 17 to November 1, 2020
Bepanda, Douala- Cameroon


Words from the actors


President of the Inter – Progress International Foundation

FIAC:  new promotional tool at the service of companies

Douala the economic metropolitan of Cameroon by its demographic weight and its high diversity of commercial action, boost the entire national economic dynamics.

The international trade and commerce faire (FIAC) of Douala is a new promotional of this national economic dynamics.it has as motives « the promotion of all the trades of commerce » for the emergence of a strong productive sector and an abundant supply in the markets of Cameroon and CEEAC,FIAC is an accelerator of commercial promotion, while strengthening the education and information of consumers.

The visitor of this first edition of FIAC will meet at least 500 exhibitors recruits in all forms of commerce, front of major consumer fields. In the making « the made in Cameroon » is honoured first by companies that presents their ability to transform local raw materials then by the presence of a pool of  markets  the city of Douala under the coordination of the Mboppi market( the largest of central Africa)

Foreign participation is carried by all the companies which exert commercial activities in the CEEAC zone and some delegations  of  neighbouring or more distant countries. Notably a  dozen of south-African companies.

FIAC 2018 is also a meeting of exchanges through federated and specific debates animated by specialized institutions, in a hall specially arranged and air- conditioned offering 350 places.

The site offers food and beverage outlets

A large café-snack equipped with a podium and entertainments of several arts in a « Brasseries » of 600 seating places. evening concerts with stars will call their audience in a friendly

There is also a leisure area reserved for games and recreation.it has three large riding schools and a nursery to welcome families

Artists and Artisans, including 50 from the far north among the best and different disciplines will animate the site daily remember that the development of business has two great allies: The media and the artist that will be with traders at FIAC

FIAC in a calendar attached to every year will gradually become « A HUB » of local ,regional and international trade. strengthening all the near and more distant sectors which thus become united with the progress of the economy. we know it since the great navigators-merchants of the middle- age, fertilize tolerance and live better together.

Cameroon has a geopolitical situation shaped to promote such actions and modernize at each stage those who act bravely in the commercial universe.