October 17 to November 1, 2020
Bepanda, Douala- Cameroon


Words from the actors


President of E-CAM

Because together we can go further.

Since its creation 10 years ago, the Cameroon Enterprises (E-CAM)  has given itself the main mission of strengthening the role of VSEs and SMEs at the heart of society, to enable more inclusive and sustainable economic development. of Cameroon. This desire to gather and create business opportunities in interaction with public and private institutions, development partners, has emerged all these years through actions whose sole and only ambition is the development of the company. in general and SME-TPE in particular.

Thus, in a momentum of pooling energies for the development of our companies, we have with GICAM, since January 17, 2019, created a platform for consultation between our two organizations under the banner: « Coordination patronale ». We are convinced that the pooling of forces will enable us to move forward not only efficiently but also efficiently.

Today, it is naturally that we are getting closer to the Inter-Progress Foundation, whose event expertise is undeniable, to pool our strengths, our experiences, in order to offer Douala an event worthy of its ambitions. .

Here is the first edition of FIAC-PMEXCHANGE. Together with you, dear colleagues, business leaders, we will make this event, The essential event for business and entrepreneurial innovation in the city of Douala.